Homemade Games and Play Ideas


Here are some ideas to get your imagination going from our green partners:

homemade games and toys

Courtesy of pequeocio.com

1. Dominoes made from pebbles. Select nice flat pieces–ideally elongated ones–and paint them with an acrylic paint (if you don’t have any leftover house paint, you can buy a small package of art paints). For the domino lines and dots you can even use permanent marker once the base paint has dried.2. Cardboard labyrinth. It’s as simple to make as it looks; cut doors and windows in pieces of cardboard, then connect these “walls” with plastic clips, duct tape or glue in any shape you can imagine and to any size your space permits.

homemade games, kids playground3. Sponge blocks. Common kitchen sponges can do wonders; cut them into basic shapes and your building blocks are ready. Idea and photo courtesy of Inner Child Fun.homemade games and toys4. Horse sticks. Socks are an inexpensive, colorful and easy-to-find bonanza item for making toys. For these folksy hobby horses, simply stuff your sock with pillow stuffing or spare fabric and attach any creative bits you can think of from buttons and wool strips to ribbons. Insert a broom stick inside and tie it well with rope so the animal head stays well attached. Idea and photo courtesy of Mummo Shop.homemade toys4. Cardboard toys. Making toys like doll houses, furniture or trucks from cardboard boxes is easy to do and can be turned into a fun activity with your little ones.

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