A Homemade Gift for Mother’s Day


Mother's Day gifts

We all love our moms, and even if we don’t get a chance to spend much time together throughout the year, we try our best for Mother’s Day.

Similar to special holidays like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, Mother’s Day  can be a significant source of waste and expense,  from paper greeting cards to cut flowers, chocolates and gift baskets and their excessive packaging. Expressing your love for your mom doesn’t have to cost a fortune or involve excess waste. You can make a simple homemade gift that will be unique as well as useful.

This year we present a simple idea for Mother’s Day gift: A hand-decorated pot or basket of her favorite herbs and spices.

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Find out if your mom has a favorite herb or spice she uses in her kitchen or bath–or if certain herbs might be beneficial to her health. Then search through your garage, storage closet or garden shed and see if you can find a clay pot, straw basket or even an old tin bucket that could house your herbs. Consider decorating or painting it to give it a new look and a personal touch.

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You can also visit a garden center or a local flower shop for some inspiration. Then you only need to buy some potting soil and three or more herb or spice plants (although one bigger plant can do as well) and you have all the needed tools for your little project. You can make your gift as simple or as elaborate as your time and creativity permit.

Mother's Day gifts

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If you decide to paint and decorate a clay pottery, you can use the following common paints:

  • Acrylic: Apply base coat first and allow to dry completely. If you see that the base layer is soaked into the clay-give it another coat. Then add the next coat of paint that will be your top decorative layer
  • Latex: Use exterior, high gloss paint
  • Oil: Be aware of the paint’s long drying time–if you are considering a last-minute gift, this is not the best choice.
  • Permanent markers: Great for writing notes or detailing your decorations. Apply a clear sealant when finished.

homemade gifts for mom

For more information and inspiration see Fave Crafts, E-how Paint, Growing Gifts

Happy Mother’s Day, and show Mom some love every chance you get, not just on May 12th!

decorated clay pots

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