Homemade Holiday Gifts and Edible Decorations


The long, festive winter holiday season can be an expensive affair that also puts a strain on our environment. How do we enjoy our customs while keeping expenses down and staying green at the same time? Homemade holiday decorations and gifts–edible gifts are even better–make holiday gifting a win-win situation that will also set a great example for your children.

homemade holiday gifts, innexpensive gifts1. Individually wrapped honey or gingerbread cookies decorated with sugar icing and M&Ms are an inexpensive and unique gift for friends, co-workers, schoolmates or family. They can also be used as Christmas tree or home decorations.

2. Painted wine bottles: Glass bottles often end up in the trash, as many cities don’t have the infrastructure to recycle them. But why waste them if they can be easily be crafted into bright, festive flower vases.

homemade gifts, Holidays crafts3. Edible Christmas trees made from fresh fruit or vegetables are not only a unique way to celebrate, they promote a healthy and green lifestyle for your kids.

edible decorations, homemade Christmas tree

Idea and photo courtesy of Creative Ideas on FB

edible decorations










4. Little planters: PVC pipes and plumbing connectors are available in hardware stores and cost a few dollars at most. With a simple personal touch you can turn them into stylish planters for herbs, cactus or any other house plants. See more ideas on pots and planters here.

homemade gifts, green Holidays

Idea and photo courtesy of happy-plants.blogspot.com

5. Turn wine bottles into stylish candle holders: Cutting glass bottles is easier than you think, and you’re limited only by your creativity. See instructions on how to cut glass from Goods Home Design.homemade gifts, recycled gifts6. Strawberry Santas, chocolate mice or other friendly characters made from fruit and veggies, nuts and other edibles are always a big hit at parties and a great healthier alternative to cookies, cakes and bowls of chips.

homemade Holiday gifts, chocolate mice

eatible Holiday decorations

Photo courtesy of Fine Dining Lovers

7. Homemade gift package for your green mama friend: cooking mitten, spiced tea mix and mini banana or ginger bread in reusable fabric bag; with a little effort, skill and imagination you can give your friends original gift package for about $10.Homemade holiday gift package

Get inspired, and have a happy and healthy holiday celebration!

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