Hot New Baby Names Trend: Green!


Forget Moon Unit, Peaches and Blue Ivy. Never mind which direction Kim and Kanye choose. The hottest trend in baby names is green!

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Little Sustainley

Expecting a baby? Already thinking about baby names? As trivial as it sounds, choosing a baby’s name can be quite a challenge and can even cause tension between couples and families. Not only must both parents like the name, but in some countries like Iceland, Germany, China, Japan and Sweden there are actual restrictions on a baby’s name.

Every year Babycenter releases rankings of baby names. For example, in 2012, Aiden and Sophia were the top respective boy and girl names. More common names like Noah and Emma were also favorites.

Celebrities are often infected with a different–but no less virulent–strain of the “what to name my baby” fever. From zany ‘60s rocker Frank Zappa’s pack of outerplanetary progeny named Moon Unit, Dweezil and Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen to Mariah’s Moroccan and Jermaine’s Jermajesty–and never for a moment forgetting the Apple of Gwynnie’s eye–stars’ spawn get a complete pass when it comes to the monikers their famous folks bestow them with.

Sometimes parents find inspiration from their favorite songs, popular TV shows–Sookie is #3 on this year’s Parenting list!–or current celebrities. And, of course, the past several years have witnessed an international boom in the number of little Michelles and Baracks.

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Little Compostina

Many parents want their kids to be different, and believe that with a unique name the child will be off to a great start. The latest trend in baby names is that parents are getting down to earth–literally–and giving their newborns green or eco-inspired names. There’s always Eartha– a combo of admiration and eco-awareness since the venerable Ms. Kitt had it first–but according to the latest zeitgeist research*, slightly over 5% of new baby names are looking a little green. What follows is a list of the most popular baby names in this category:

Top Ten Green Baby Names

1. Compostina

2. Recychloe

3. Sustainley

4. Vegan Megan

5. Freerange Franny

6. Non-GMOscar

7. Grassfed Stallion

8. Eco Penny

9. Rising Seas Polar Teddy

10. Sugarless Nut

In addition to the current top names list and future predictions, has a search tool to help expecting parents in choosing a baby name and even has a nature lover category; Time magazine offers a refresher course on unusual celebrity baby names.

green baby

*In honor of April Fool’s Day, which, if you haven’t already guessed it, is today, these green baby names aren’t really official, we made ‘em up. But let us know if they’ve inspired any of you to give Junior an earth-friendly name!

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