How to Keep Baby Sleeping Through the Night


‘Why is my baby waking up at night?’, is a common question for many first-time moms. But even experienced moms can find themselves wondering. Every baby is different, so what’s crucial is to learn to read the signs and focus on establishing a good bedtime routine. Since sleep is very important for a baby’s proper brain and body development, moms need to make sure that their baby gets as much sleep as possible.

Here is a sleep chart for babies 0-12 months with approximate hours of total sleep per day (combined night and day):

0-1 months: 16 hours total

3 months: 15 hours

6 months: 14.5 hours

9 months: 14 hours

12 months: 13.5 hours

baby sleep, healthy sleepThere are several reasons why your baby might be waking up at night. Here are the top five:

1. wetness: use high quality diapers that can hold urine well without baby feeling wet;

2. hunger: make sure baby gets fed well right before going to bed;

3. baby is overtired: learn your baby’s sleeping signals such as yawning, rubbing his eyes and put him to sleep as soon as you see them;

4. noise or too much silence: make sure baby sleeps in a quiet room without disturbing noises, you can also use mild music or soothing background noise;

4. waking up in a different place:when baby wakes up in a different place from the one he went to sleep, he feels disoriented and insecure, therefore keep his sleeping place consistent as much as possible.

Other resources: BabyCenter, WebMD

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