How to Monitor Your Child’s Mobile Phone Activities


These days most children have access to mobile phones and once they reach their teenage years they actually expect to own one themselves. Current research indicates that majority of children in the teenage age group already own a smartphone. Apart from excessive screen time having negative affect on your kids’ brains, another downside of kids owning a mobile phone is a difficulty to monitor their activities.

mobile phone, kids and electronics

This article provides some of the tips needed about tracking child’s phone activities. Let’s begin.

There are all kinds of ways in which kids can get into trouble via their mobile phones. Often they are not even aware of what is happening or it happens so gradually that they do not notice. Activities such as sexting, where kids are encouraged to send each other nude or semi-nude photos of themselves to others, make the situation extremely worrying for parents.

Luckily there are several mobile apps available to help parents to monitor mobile phone usage of their kids. Once the app has been installed on the child’s mobile phone, you are able to track phone messages, emails, locations and call histories. You will also have the ability to use the built-in microphone to record details of where they are.

Here are just a few tips that will help you keeping your child’s mobile phone activity under control:

  • Establish a few ground rules – it is the parent that should decide on the mobile phone usage of a child’s mobile phone. It may be that the child is only allowed to use their phone at certain times of the day. It is also important for the parent to teach phone etiquette, helping the child to avoid some of the most common problems.
  • Make sure you talk about the pros and cons. The child should be aware that their phone activity is going to be monitored and while they may not be happy about it, they do need to understand why it is being done.
  • Then you start to monitor the usage of their phone. Make sure that they only have their phone at certain times, double check the phone bill so that you are aware of how much the phone has been used for calls and texts or opt for a spy program.
  • Have a system of penalties – if the rules have been broken then any penalty should be imposed. Even if this only happens a couple of times, it will help them to remember what the rules are.
  • Be vigilant – if the child is being sneaky when it comes to their smartphone then you will soon spot it. Watch out for texts and calls outside of their usual usage, it could be important for their security.

mobile phone, kids and electronics

One of the major issues at the moment is cyber bullying. Some kids are suffering in silence and their parents are not aware that there is a problem until it is too late. Monitoring mobile phone usage will mean that you get to see any abusive or bullying messages, and you will then be in a better position to understand what your child is going through. To get more information and learn about the dangers of cyber bullying, visit refrog.

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