Importance of a Regular Bedtime Routine for Children


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  • Children, anxiety, depression and professional help: If you have a child with signs of anxiety, frustration, disproportionate anger or depression not normal for his age, it might be time to seek professional help. However many busy parents who became accustomed to a certain behavior may not be able to judge the situation properly and realize it might be interfering with their child’s development. Check out the signs indicating professional help is needed.
  • Importance of regular bedtime routine for children:  A recent study published in the journal Pediatrics found that children with irregular sleep routine were more likely to have lower scores on tests that measured their ability to solve problems, and higher rates of hyperactivity, emotional difficulties, and problems dealing with other peers. The study examined more than 10,000 children at their age of three, then five and seven years and compared reports of behavior issues to their bedtimes. One in every five of these children went to bed at inconsistent times when they were three years old.
  • Make your home a healthier place with some basic and regular changes and maintenance: Your “visually clean home” can be making you sick and tired due to hidden bacteria and allergens without you ever realizing it. The kitchen and bathroom are the biggest sources of these health-threatening microbes and the solution is often very simple. For example, one in three bathroom shower heads is contaminated with mycobacteria, a hardy strain of bleach-resistant germs that can penetrate lung tissue, causing fatigue, weakness and shortness of breath. A shower curtain can be a source of as many as millions of microbes on every square inch and eighty percent of them can be potentially harmful to our health, according to a study from the University of Colorado. Also your old toothbrush can shelter some 10 million germs, so change it about every 3 months. See other helpful tips to keep your home healthy and clean on the inside.
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