Kids and the Danger of Secondary Drowning


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  • Kids and the danger of secondary drowning: Secondary drowning is something that can happen in a pool, ocean, or even in a bathtub, and every parent should be aware of it. As Michael Roizen, MD, chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic explains: “It occurs when a small amount of inhaled fluid acts as an irritant, causing inflammation and leakage of liquid into the lung. In some cases, the body may respond by pushing even more liquid into the lungs (this is called pulmonary edema) over the following hours, reducing the ability to breathe and leading a person to drown in their own body fluids.” The reaction can take place up to 72 hours after a near drowning incident, and results could be serious or even fatal. Therefore if your child breathes in water or comes out of the pool coughing or sputtering, monitor him closely. Signs like breathing difficulties, extreme tiredness or behavioral changes could indicate that he have inhaled too much fluid.
  • Expensive sunscreen could be a dangerous waste of money: According to a recent review of the top selling sunscreen products in the UK conducted by the UK consumer group, some of the most expensive labels such as Nivea or Hawaiian Tropic contain much lower SPF (Sun Protection Factor measuring level of skin protection from UVB rays) than what is indicated on their packaging.For example: Piz Buin Ultra Light Dry Touch Sun Fluid SPF30 (150 ml), Malibu Protective Lotion SPF30 (200 ml), and Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Ultra Radiance Sun Lotion SPF30 (200 ml), all had an SPF lower than 25. Additionally, Malibu Protective Lotion SPF30 (200 ml) also failed the UVA test, with UVA protection lower than 10. When comparing the products by price, the researchers found that the cheapest product, Calypso Sun Lotion SPF 30, priced at just £1.20 per 1oo ml, passed the tests with sound SPF and UVA protection.
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