Latest Measles Outbreak in Texas, Child Hunger on the Rise, the Ultimate Urban Baby Stroller Hybrid


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  • Latest measles outbreak in Texas church community: An outbreak of measles in a Texas megachurch community, which is opposing children vaccinations, has sickened at least 21 people so far.  Although overall vaccination rates in the U.S. remain high, communities of like-minded parents who refuse immunizations for their children remain vulnerable to outbreaks such as this one.
  • Child hunger in U.S. is on the rise and creates problems in schools: According to No Kid Hungry, one in five kids in America struggles with hunger. Their annual educator survey, indicates that three out of four school teachers report regularly seeing hungry kids in their schools. These same teachers and principals are spending more out of their own pocket to help hungry kids. The numbers represent a significant jump from last summer, when about three in five teachers surveyed routinely taught hungry kids.
  • The ultimate urban baby stroller-skateboard hybrid: If you are an avid skateboard, snowboard or surfboard fan and also happen to be a parent, you will welcome this new product by Quinny that allows for both passion and responsibility at the same time. This Quinny Longboard stroller is just one of the concepts that shows how this innovative company constantly challenges the limits of mobility for urban parents.
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