Laughter is Healthy for Our Brain


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  • Laughter is healthy for our brain: According to a new study from the School of Medicine, at Loma Linda University in California,  laughter triggers brain waves similar to those associated with meditation. The study also found that other forms of stimulation produce different types of brain waves. As the head researcher Lee Berk explained: “What we have found in our study is that humor associated with mirthful laughter sustains high-amplitude gamma-band oscillations. Gamma is the only frequency found in every part of the brain. What this means is that humor actually engages the entire brain-it is a whole brain experience with the gamma wave band frequency and humor, similar to meditation, holds it there; we call this being in the zone.”
  • Statins and eating habits: According to results of a large 12-year study on statins (medications prescribed to lower blood cholesterol levels) recently published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, people who have used statins gradually increased their consumption of fat and calories. Specifically, daily calorie intake increased by 9 percent over the period, fat consumption by 14.4 percent, and body mass index by 1.3, while in nonusers there were no significant changes in calorie and fat and body mass index increased by 0.4.
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