10 Tips for Healthier Holiday Desserts


Who doesn’t like to indulge a little more during the Holiday season!

healthy apple strudl, healthy holiday dessertsHere are 10 ways to have your cake…and keep the indulgence factor in check:

1. Use whole wheat or whole grain flour instead of bleached white flour to get more fiber. If you need to keep your desserts gluten-free, opt for gluten free flour mixtures or other flours such as coconut, rice or corn.
2. Use brown sugar, honey, maple syrup or other natural sweeteners instead of refinded white sugar.
3. Use fresh fruit instead of canned  fruits with added sugars.
4. Use quality dark chocolate and cacao powder for additional health benefits instead of commercial blends full of artificial ingredients.
5. Opt for organic products including eggs.
6. Use real butter, but reduce the called-for amounts in recipes. Be vary of vegetable substitutes–not all vegetable oils are “healthy” as they claim to be. Make sure vegetable spread doesn’t contains trans fats and hydrogenated oils.
7. Use raw nuts for additional health benefits instead of roasted ones with added salt, sugar or artificial ingredients.
8. Use non-aluminum baking powder.
9. Use real vanilla and other baking extracts instead of substitutes full of artificial ingredients.
10. Serve smaller or mini portions to prevent over-indulging.

Try some of our healthier dessert recipes:
Apple Strudel and Mini Strudelslight dessert

This recipe for apple mini strudels uses no sugar and less butter so the final crust is not as flaky and puffy, but still tastes delicious. To make it even more healthy, you can use whole-wheat flour and organic ingredients, especially apples.



Baked Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding, healthy dessertsŽemlovka: Baked Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding

“Žemlovka” may look hard to pronounce, but it’s definitely easy to enjoy for anyone who fancies apple-cinnamon pie or bread pudding.




Vánočka: Sweet Holiday Egg Breadsweet Christmas bread

The following–my mom’s recipe–is a healthier version using whole wheat flour and a reduced amount of sugar and eggs, which by no means compromises its delicious taste.




Gluten-free dessertTropical Rum Balls with Coconut

Seasonal celebrations call for festive treats like our rum balls with dark Caribbean rum and fresh coconut. These no-bake desserts add instant warmth to any holiday party.




gluten-free desertsGluten-Free Almond Butter Blondies

This recipe using almond butter is not only gluten-free, it’s free of dairy and refined sugar. While chocolate brownies have their own universal appeal, our two-year-old taste-tester made about three of these disappear in a flash and gave the recipe a “great big smile” rating.


healthy dessertsLight Pound Cake with Cacao

This version of pound cake uses much less sugar and butter; adding cacao powder gives it a richer flavor–perfect for any holiday coffee or tea break.




Easter cookies, HolidaysGrandma’s Honey Cookies

A childhood favorite, Grandma’s honey-sweetened holiday cookies have become a new family tradition.

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