Make a Splash with This Water-Saving Toddler Bath


An improvised toddler bathtub to help save water

Your little one may or may not love to bathe. One way to make the experience more enjoyable (especially in winter): Bring summer to your bathroom! Make your toddler’s bath time more fun by adding an inflatable kiddie pool. Bonus: You’ll be saving water while you splash.

One father’s success story: “Evening bath time is one of the special times I have with my little boy, so I try to make the most of it, but bathing time has always been quite an ordeal; we can’t get the little guy to sit still long enough to get clean. We tried all sorts of tricks to make things easier but nothing worked. One summer day at an outdoor pool we noticed him sitting in the shallow end filling cups and buckets, then pouring the water over his head or back into the pool. I added the cups and buckets to his evening bath–and it worked! He stopped squirming and enjoyed the bath. The only problem was that we had to fill up the entire tub or keep the water running, which seemed like a waste of water. One day I noticed his “inflatable float” kiddie pool hanging in the garage. Light bulb moment! I  checked to see if the pool would fit in the bathtub. It did! My son loved his first bath in the “pool,” and we ‘ve never looked back. Not only can I easily bathe him while he plays, we use a small fraction of the water we used before.”

If you have a small inflatable kiddie pool–or even just a small float or raft–put it in the bathtub or shower to bring out the memories of summertime fun. If you don’t own one you can find it for as little as $10. You can even add favorite beach or pool toys to the party. Once summer comes, they’ll be ready for the real thing.

And how is it green?

1. You’re saving water: Instead of keeping the water running during the whole bathing ritual, you limit the amount of water used. This little “pool” needs very little water to fill up, probably less than a tenth of the water needed to fill up the bathtub (and less heat to heat the water).

2. You can reuse the water: Since you’re already in the bathroom, it’s easy to grab a bucket and reuse the wash water for a toilet flush so nothing goes to waste. You can also reuse the water for your gardening needs, both indoors and outdoors.

3. You’re living sustainably: Using an inflatable float to bathe your child is a sustainable action since you are giving a “seasonal” item another use off-season.

4. Your child learns by example: Your child learns to live sustainably by watching you. Years into the future, pictures and stories will help him remember these green practices.

5. Save energy: Water for bathing needs to get heated and many use electric heaters. By using less water you are also using less energy. There are many other ways to save energy at home.

For more green ideas for moms check out Ten Simple Ways Busy Moms Can Go Green.

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