Make Your Black Friday Greener


If you’re gearing up to join the armies of intrepid holiday shoppers hitting the stores after Turkey Day, make your shopping expedition part of the solution rather than adding to the pollution!

Make Your Black Friday Greener

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  • If possible, use public transportation, walk or bike to your favorite stores instead of driving your car. Consider having bigger purchases delivered instead stashing them in the mini-van.
  • If you need to get where you’re going by car, carpool with friends or family. Not only does this use less gas, it adds to the fun factor.
  • Bring your own reusable shopping bags to reduce paper and plastic waste.

Greener gift ideas

When stocking up on holiday gifts, think of ways to reduce waste and make sustainable choices.

  • Recycled fashions for kids and adults are often the most stylish; nearly every town has at least one store that recycles gently used kids clothes and other items.
  • Shopping at flea markets and antiques shops makes it more likely that you’ll find that “just right” gift for that hard-to-buy-for person.
  • Toys for young children needn’t be brand new, they’ll grow out of them in a matter of months. Friends, family and toy and clothing exchanges are great sources for cool kids’ gifts that are waiting for a second dose of love. For more new-for-you kid stuff, organize a toy swap with friends, playgroups or the local PTA.
  • Think twice about picking up piles of gift wrap, even if it’s on sale; in most cases it will only be tossed aside. making your own gift wrap or recycling bags and paper you have at home, combined with festive ribbon can dress up gifts to look their best without paper waste.
  • Gift cards and gift certificates are a great idea; they let people pick out what they want, avoiding unwanted gifts that collect dust.  These can often be purchased online to avoid shopping center madness.

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