Meet Punypixel: Green Baby Clothes Go Eco-Cool


Meet Punypixel: Green Baby Clothes Go Eco-Cool

We’re talking to Jo Tiongson-Perez, co-founder of  the “eco-cool” baby and kids’ clothing company with even a cooler name: Punypixel.

LGB: How did Punypixel come to life and what inspired the name?

Jo: “Pixel” in digital photography means the smallest part of an image.  Punypixel™ started as a photo blog of our baby girl. Her dad, a nationally acclaimed and published photojournalist made it his next big assignment to document all of our baby’s first milestones.  Every small thing that our little girl came across was a big adventure and definitely inspired big changes in our lives.

That was also a time when we both became savvier about navigating a tricky baby market filled with misleading “natural” labels.  There are a number of ingredients and chemicals used in manufacturing children’s products that have been long banned in the EU but are still not officially regulated in the U.S.  The best way to choose healthy and safe baby brands is to stay informed.  Thankfully, there’s much more media awareness about it now.  More and more companies are rising up to growing demands not only for truly toxic free products, but also for transparency in their environmental and social impact.

Like many parents, we wanted to provide a safe and nurturing environment where our child could thrive.  Knowing that many kids out there still lacked this led us to ask ourselves, how can we make a difference?  When inspiration hit to take Punypixel further from a blog to a baby line, it didn’t seem enough to stop at providing eco-friendly clothing.  We wanted our customers to discover that even something as small as a shopping purchase can lead to big change.  We decided that change was going to be about helping kids and that’s why every Punypixel purchase helps fund a children’s organization.  That fueled our company philosophy, big change starts puny.

LGB: What inspired your puny characters?

Jo: I can’t remember any kid who ever wanted to be “money man” growing up.  Childhood dreams were usually about saving the world like a superhero, or they were about changing history like a famous artist or astronaut.  Punypixel characters reflect that: how every awesome world changing champ started small.  Puny Leo loves space exploring, Puny Iris lives for art, Puny Mike rocks the mic and Puny Sid believes in peaceful change.  No one’s too small to make a big difference, that’s the message behind every Punypixel character.  Each one is also meant to reflect our motto, big change starts puny.Meet Punypixel: Green Baby Clothes Go Eco-Cool

LGB: How does Punypixel differ from other green baby clothes and organic childrenswear lines?

Jo: We researched and compared a lot of organic cotton lines and suppliers.  The first thing you must note when buying organic cotton is whether or not it’s certified.  Our cotton is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which means that our manufacturer is audited for strict compliance with environmental and social parameters from harvest to production of organic cotton.  You can be sure that while Punypixel organics are genuinely chemical free, no child labor is enforced and fair working conditions are in place.

Our cotton is also thicker, more durable and noticeably much softer.  (It gets softer after washing!)  But we didn’t stop there. Our commitment to socially conscious clothing also includes empowering kids.  For every Punypixel™ purchase, we give $1 to an organization carefully selected for its top-notch commitment to empowering kids.  And why stop at just one?  Every four months, we feature and help fund a new cause.

LGB: Where are your clothes available for purchase besides your website?

Jo: Locally in Center City Philadelphia, we are sold at the region’s first green spa and boutique, Eviama and at Nest, an eco-friendly play space for kids.

LGB: Are you shipping anywhere around the world?

Jo: At this time, we ship to the U.S. and to Canada.  In the UK however, you can purchase us from Amor UK, an online store for babies and toddlers.

LGB: What are the future plans for Punypixel?

Jo: We definitely want to expand our range of baby clothing and possibly offer more toddler apparel as well.  We plan to stay a children’s line with unique, bold designs for the small set and stay anchored to our big mission of empowering kids all over.

 LGB: We wish you all the best!

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