Milk Consumption Might Relieve Arthritis Pain


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  • Milk consumption might relieve arthritis pain: A large-scale study recently published in the journal Arthritis Care & Research has discovered a direct link between milk consumption and a relief in knee arthritis. The study results concluded that frequent milk consumption may be associated with reduced osteoarthritis progression in women. Dr. Bing Lu, the lead author and an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard suggested based on the findings of his study: “People with osteoarthritis should increase their milk intake, low-fat or fat-free milk is the best.”
  • A new pill might soon eliminate the flu virus: A new research breakthrough recently published in the journal Immunity suggests a  new and highly effective way to fight the flu and potentially other viral infections. Scientists may have discovered a drug to eliminate the flu virus in mice and this new development could lead to a pill for humans as well. The CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) estimates that about 49,000 people die from flu-related illnesses every year. In 2009 alone, up to 575,000 people died from swine flu  or H1N1, while emerging viral strains constantly threaten to spread to humans and cause even deadlier pandemics.
  • Fun Donkey products for kids and Easter: The German company Donkey offers unique and funky products for kids, home, office, and much more. The Donkeys are self-described as a “bunch of creative folks”, that are always ahead of the curve, always on the hunt for the new and the different. Their distinctive products fill in the gap in the product market with clever functions, smart design and a fun touch, such as this knitted chicken egg-warmer for your breakfast table.
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