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Guest blogger Ashley Knight (Knights of the Green Table) shares her thoughts on the importance of natural bath products–especially during baby’s first months.

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For a child, bath time is a fun time in water, exploring, playing, splashing and watching bubbles form and pop! However, many popular brands of soap for babies and children are unsafe and can damage their skin! Let’s ditch the toxic chemicals in that bubbly water and get back to a simpler and safer way of cleaning our babies with natural bath products.

In the hospital they use Johnson and Johnson and expect to wash your baby within the first few hours of life. When I had my baby Cedar, my husband and I asked that they only use a cloth and some warm water. We strongly feel that keeping cancer-causing parabens away from anyone’s skin is important and especially for a newborn and developing baby. Johnson and Johnson has claimed to be working to remove harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde from their products.

Baby skin is so sensitive, soft and beautiful and until they are moving around babies really do not get too dirty. Human skin is full of natural oils that protect us and most soaps out there will dry it and take away these natural oils our bodies make so well.  In the first few months of life your baby is spending most of their time sleeping, so bathing on a daily or even weekly basis is not really necessary and potentially you could be stripping your baby of the beneficial oils. We bathe Cedar in the tub about once a month. Most days he gets wiped down during his diaper change. We use a wipe mixture consisting of water, jojoba oil and lavender essential oil. He didn’t sit in a bath until he was about 6 months old. His baths are usually just warm water and we wash him with Dr. Bronner’s baby mild soap at times when it is most needed. Most of the time I just pour some calendula oil, jojoba oil and lavender essential oil in the bath water and let him splash around. It depends how dirty he gets outside and these days he gets pretty dirty! There really is no need for big bubbles, and yes I will admit they are fun but why not try some fun toys instead! We love to throw some toys from Green Toys company in the bath water.

A rule of thumb for us is if we cannot pronounce or understand what an ingredient is in any product, than we do not eat it or put it on our bodies.  Cedar might not have big bubbles to play with in the water but he is very good at splashing and making his own!

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Author:Ashley Knight

Ashley Knight is our contributing writer and all natural Mama. She writes about healthy living, nutrition and raising a green baby. She's fully committed to living a more sustainable life while raising her son Cedar and hopes to inspire others through her journey. Read more about Ashley and her family’s adventures at

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