Natural Boost of Immunity, Healthy and Natural Air Fresheners, Nanoparticles in Our Food and Clothes


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  • Boost your immunity naturally: With the changing of seasons, we all need to pay attention to reinforcing our immune system to prevent or fight off the flu and colds. While there are many commercial “immunity boosters” available, these simple “stay-well strategy” tips will do a good job, and naturally.
  • All-natural and healthy air fresheners for your home: Many people use synthetically derived scents although they may contain harmful chemicals such as phthalates; even some commercial air fresheners labeled as “all natural” use them as fixatives. A study published in the Archives of Environmental Health linked chronic exposure to the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air fresheners to headaches and depression in new mothers and diarrhea and earaches in their babies. However there are healthy and natural alternatives such as  pure essential oils that not only smell good, but some—such as lavender or rosemary oil—can also positively affect cognitive function and mood.
  • Nanoparticles in our food and clothes: Over the past few years, nanoparticles have been incorporated in our food packaging, cosmetics, clothing, toys, kitchenware and much more. However, some nanoparticles, such as silver, can pose possible risks if levels are not kept in check. According to scientist Mengshi Lin: “The penetration of silver nanoparticles is dangerous to consumers because they have the ability to relocate in the human body after digestion. Therefore, smaller nanoparticles may be more harmful to consumers than larger counterparts.” Check out these five reasons to be wary of nanoparticles.
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