Natural Ways to Eliminate Common Garden Pests


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If you are a passionate gardener, you care for your garden like you care for yourself. After putting in hours to plant and nurse your plants, you certainly don’t want to risk losing your crop due of pesky parasites. Here are the five top garden pests and  natural ways to get rid of them.

1. Slugs: Party Hardy
Slow and steady, slugs slither around your plants and munch on the leaves. Just add a little beer to their picnic. Take a container the size of a tuna can and place it rim-deep in the soil, then fill it with beer. Overnight they will be drawn to the beer and drown in it.

2. Aphids: Love ‘Em with Lemon
Tiny aphids love to hide under leaves and suck the life out of your plants. Citrus is their enemy. Grate an entire lemon rind and mix it into one pint of briskly boiling water. Leave the liquid for at least eight hours, then use a coffee filter as a strainer. Pour the mixture through to get rid of the rind. Spray on the leaves, and apply again every four to seven days until the pests are gone.

3. Snails: Invite them for Coffee
Don’t throw that cold leftover coffee away if you have a snail problem. Instead, put it in a spray bottle and lightly moisten the leaves with it. Spray the snails themselves with it too. The USDA conducted studies that showed coffee repels both snails and slugs. Sprinkling coffee grounds at the base of the plants also works and helps the soil as well.

4. Japanese Beetles: Wash their Mouths with Soap
If you can catch the Japanese beetles when there are only a few, the most effective way to get rid of them is to pick them off the plants and dispose of them. These Hungry Hippos of the beetle world emit a chemical that draws other beetles to the area. If you already have beetle-mania in your garden, try an insecticidal soap or a neem-based pesticide. If your garden infestation gets out of control, it may be necessary to contact a professional company such as Allstate Pest Control to get the job done, especially since these bugs have few natural enemies in the U.S.

5. Cutworms: Block and Tackle

These sneaky predators live in the soil and chew on young plants’ stems at night. Fortunately the fix is easy. Trim toilet paper rolls or small plastic cups to about 2” long and place around the seedlings. This prevents the worm from reaching the stalk.

Despite your best DIY organic efforts, you may need professional help to deal with a garden infestation. A pest control company will help find effective and safe solutions that protect your plants, pets, and family.

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