New American Healthy Housing Standards


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  • New American healthy housing standards: New housing standards prepared by the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) and the American Public Health Association provide recommendations to improve healthy and safe housing conditions for Americans. According to a 2013 study by NCHH, about 35 million (40 percent) of metropolitan American homes suffer from one or more health and safety hazards. And this number hasn’t been improving since the amount of homes with substandard conditions (about 6.3 million) was not reduced in the past decade. These hazardous conditions lead to health problems mainly among children such as asthma (20-30 percent of asthma cases are linked to home environmental conditions) and lead-poisoning (more than 24 million homes still contain lead-based paint).
  • New folding electrical bike offers everything urban commuters might need: The Gi Bike is the lightest, safest, folding smart eBike for people who love the city. according to its creators. It can be folded up to fit in a closet or under a work desk and can be easily carried on subway, buses and elevators. When being used, it appears as an ordinary full-size bicycle. Then with a simple flip of a lever  it transforms into a compact folded shape that can be wheeled around like a luggage. As Agustín Augustinoy, the CTO for Gi Bike explained: “There are no full-featured bikes on the market. If a bike folds, it has 20-inch, circus-like wheels. Electric kits look like DIY projects. No electric bike comes with lights, motor, and everything else integrated and working on the same battery with only one charging point. “The rest of the bike is basically made around the folding mechanism. For us it’s the proper way to fold a bike. It’s the only way you don’t need to lift the bike from the ground.””
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