Thursday News: New Climate Change Tool, Largest Rooftop Solar Project, Green Jobs

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Our Thursday green news bring you the latest on green architecture, design, energy and communities.

  • The city of Los Angeles has currently in progress the largest residential solar panel rooftop program in the United States. This program called CLEAN LA Solar was developed and supported by the Los Angeles Business Council, a coalition of environmental, business, health and research organizations, and the Clean LA Coalition. The program intends to power more than 34 thousand homes during the next five years, while adding about 4.5 thousand new job positions in Los Angeles.
  • Effects of climate change on your community: NRDC (The Natural Resources Defense Council) has recently launched a new webtool that allows us to make  a ‘Snapshot’ of the climate change effects in our area. We can learn whether current conditions and trends in our area point toward a higher vulnerability or extreme weather events, such as floods, drought, hurricanes, tornadoes, but also health risks such as allergies and occurrence of diseases.
  • 2013 forecast for top 10 green jobs: Whether you are considering to enter the green job market or simply looking for a change, check out what is predicted by experts for the 2013 green job fields. This guide might help you with deciding on investment to education or updating certain skills. Here are the top 10 green jobs predictions for 2013.
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