New Dental Candy Eliminates Bad Bacteria in Our Mouth


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  • New dental candy eliminates bad bacteria in our mouth: Researchers from a Berlin-based firm Organobalance have developed a sugar-free candy containing dead good bacteria that can bind to the bad bacteria in the mouth, potentially reducing cavities. According to their study, published in journal Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins, bacteria called Lactobacillus paracasei has been shown to reduce levels of the cavity-causing bacteria Mutans streptococci, decreasing the number of cavities. Results of a pilot trial involving 60 participants who were given the dental candy with good bacteria showed that nearly 75% of them had significantly decreased the bad bacteria in their saliva compared to levels before eating the dental candy.
  • Brightly colored plastic products could be full of lead: According to a new study by the California-based Center for Environmental Health, brightly colored products (mainly color red, green, orange and yellow) made from inexpensive vinyl and plastic materials may contain high amounts of lead. Such products including belts, bags and shoes can actually leave dangerous invisible particles on consumers’ hands or feet after touching or wearing. Products of more muted and darker colors were found to be less contaminated.
  • Vitamin supplements might be altering our DNA: According to new results from an ongoing genetic study at the Biotechnology Centre at the University of Oslo, synthetic antioxidants (vitamin supplements) could actually harm our cells and damage DNA. Researchers point out that in order to protect our DNA, our body’s cells must maintain the delicate balance between oxidants and antioxidants. Disrupting this homeostasis can cause harm to our cells. As Hilde Nilsen, head of the research group explained: “The cells in our body use this fragile balance to establish the best possible conditions for themselves, and it’s specially adapted for each of us. When we take supplements of antioxidants, such as C and E vitamins, we may upset this balance.” Abundance of artificial substances is not good for our bodies and it’s actually not natural. Instead, much of our daily intake of vitamins can be obtained naturally from nutritious foods.
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