New Fun Bike for Kids Without Training Wheels


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Photo courtesy of Jyrobike

  • New fun bike for kids without training wheels: The new Jyrobike allows children to keep their balance and prevents them from falling over thanks to its unique wobble feature. As the company’s CEO Robert Bodill explains: “We designed it so the bike does about half the work. Training wheels do all of the balance, but when you take them off a child will fall over and have bad habits. We found a sweet spot to provide a lot of stability to give the child confidence, which is sort of half the battle with kids learning to ride.” The wobble wheel has three different settings, so the child can gradually reduce the amount of help as he/she gains confidence and experience. And eventually, the “control hub” can be removed entirely. The bike was also designed to be as fun as possible with few added preset sounds like a bugle and dinosaur to the wheel. As Mr.Bodill adds: “The fun factor is another way to build confidence. If kids like what they’re doing they’ll tend to want to do it again, and do it with more vigor and enthusiasm and motivation.”
  • Interesting global parenting habits: Certain parenting habits from foreign countries might shock American parents or parents from other cultures, while other habits might be worth exploring or even implementing. For example  1. Vietnamese mothers get their kids out of diapers already by 9 months of age; 2. In Norway, kids nap outside even in subzero temperatures; 3. Danish parents leave their children in stroller on the curb while they go shopping; 4. on certain Polynesian Islands, children take care of other children. Read the full article for other strange or impressive parenting habits around the globe.
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