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  • New point guide to cancer prevention: The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently published their latest edition of a guide to prevent cancer. The plan, called the European Code Against Cancer, aims to present people with practical ways to reduce their cancer risk in day to day lives by modifying, adopting or cutting out certain things from their diets, daily habits and broader lifestyle choices. The code is based on thousands of clinical studies and research papers focused on what might cause and, especially, what could prevent cancer. The guide includes the following steps and recommendations: 1. Do not smoke or use tobacco products, 2. Don’t accept passive smoke, 3. Keep a healthy body weight, 4. Be active and avoid prolonged sitting, 5. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet, 6. Consume alcohol in moderation, 7. Limit sun exposure, protect yourself and never use sun beds (solariums), 8. Ensure safety at work such as protection from pollutants or hazardous substances, 9. Check levels of radon at your home, 10. Breastfeed, if possible, 11. Vaccinate your children, 12. Follow regular health screenings. For more details on cancer prevention and references, see the full European Code Against Cancer.
  • Basic kids’ health symptoms that should never be ignored: Every parent should know the top health symptoms that should never be ignored in his/her kids. These include: 1. High Fever, 2. Headache 3. Cuts and Scrapes 4. Vomiting 5. Diarrhea 6. Rashes 7. Pain While Urinating 8. Excessive Sleepiness 9. Lack of Interest in School 10. Bruises 11. Difficulty Reading 12. Swelling in Joints 13. Excessive Thirst 14. Stiff Neck.  For more details and references, read the original article via Today’s Parents.
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