New Shower Head Design Promotes Water Conservation, How Feasible Are Smart Building Technologies, Carbon Dioxide Used as a Refrigerant


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Photo courtesy of Uji

  • New shower head design promotes water conservation: If you are concerned with your water bill, this could be a good solution. The new shower head by company Uji gives a visual warning that it’s time to turn the shower off. This new technology with build-in light that gradually changes from green to red manages to cut shower time by about 12 percent and encourages to take shorter and more efficient showers and water conservation.
  • How feasible are smart building technologies: Many property owners, investors and even architects are still hesitant about using smart building technology although it has proven to save energy, restructure facility management and prevent expensive equipment failures. The debunking of these 10 smart building myths explains why smart building technology is simply “smart” and will most likely pay for itself within one or two years by delivering energy savings and other operational efficiencies.
  • Carbon dioxide used as a refrigerant: Air conditioning units produce annually about 100 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), which translates to about two tons per home each year. A new technology by company NaturaLINE actually does the opposite: uses CO2 extracted from the air and compresses into a liquid as a refrigerant.
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