New Techie Gadgets to Ease the Stress of Parenting


Deciding on having a baby can be extremely stressful. But once the baby arrives, that stress will seem like a drop in a bucket. Technology has helped with a lot of the more daunting tasks, and as technology advances, hopefully, the parenting stresses of caring for a baby while capturing all of those precious moments will grow even easier.

Here are four examples of new technology assisting in certain parenting tasks:

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1. Owlet Baby Monitor

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a constant fear for every parent, and it can happen for no apparent reason to babies under the age of one. Feeling peace of mind, safety and security when your baby finally sleeps is all any parent wants, because it means they can get some needed respite too. The Owlet baby monitor takes security to a brand new level by simultaneously monitoring vitals and sudden changes in baby’s heart rate. It is not a cheap gadget, however it can prevent situations such as SIDS, which is priceless.

2. Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer

Although your baby has been overly irritated and shows concerning signs of being sick, most pediatricians might not want to see her unless her fever exceeds 102 degrees Fahrenheit. While you try to get baby’s temperature down with either baby fever reducer or other home remedies such as cold bath, it is imperative you to take her temperature as often as possible. Ear thermometers are not exactly new, but Kinsa is. It takes the temperature in just one second making it easier to deal with a fussy baby. Plus, the temperature record can be downloaded to a data application for the doctor to review.

3. Freemie Freedom Pump

We are supposed to live in the age of women’s liberation and unashamed breastfeeding and pumping, but many women still feel like pumping is a complicated chore that should be done in private for their own comfort. The Freemie’s Freedom Pump allows pumping to be done with the shirt still on since it comes with special cups that fit inside the bra. Now that is liberation!

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4. Kiba

The Kiba is a leap forward in camera tech for cute pictures. There is not much to say about it either. It is hooked up all over the house, and it takes photos of all the best moments automatically and with no prompting. It has a built in algorithm set to specifically look for smiles and positive expressions.

These four advancements covered a variety of problems parents face while dealing with newborns and young children. It is hard to keep them safe, handle your own natural bodily functions with dignity and capture the moments that will end sooner than you would like. Having a child, especially in such a tumultuous world, can be overwhelming or even scary. But with new technology available today, parents can get help to alleviate the burden. And to make sure that they are as safe and useful as possible for you and your child, companies like Ottawa IT Support can help to check and service your new techie gadgets.

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Author:Kara Masterson

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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