NYC’s Electric Taxi Program Getting Thumbs-Up

NYC's Electric Taxi Program

Nissan Leaf electric taxi

Cabbies and riders alike are warming up to the fleet of electric taxicabs that hit the streets of New York City back in April. A recent NY Post article offers glowing reviews from one of six NYC cabbies who offered to make the switch to one of the colorful little vehicles. Besides cutting down on noise and pollution, the driver explained, “It starts a conversation, I’ve noticed.”

The city’s Nissan Leaf Electric Taxi Pilot Program was begun in April 2013 with six all-electric Nissan Leaf taxis. The diminutive taxis plug into electric chargers installed at owner-operators’ homes or fleet garages.

Drivers also have access to “quick charging” stations where the vehicles can be recharged in less than 30 minutes. These quick chargers are the first of their kind in New York City. The pilot program will run for one year to evaluate usage of the electric taxis and to help bring about the broader adoption of electric vehicles on the city’s streets.

Cities like Mexico City and Hong Kong have recently launched electric taxi programs as well.

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