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importance of music education LATINA VERDE

La Importancia de la Música en el Crecimiento de Los Niños

A través de las generaciones la música ha tenido un rol constante en el crecimiento de cada ser humano. Tan esencial que desde muy temprana edad los niños comienzan a crear sus propias canciones de tipo ‘hum’, repitiendo o imitando lo que escuchan a su alrededor, en especial canciones de cuna, pájaros, y hasta canciones en la radio.


The Condado Vanderbilt-Hotel Resort of Your Dreams

The place, where sleek contemporary design compliments Spanish revival style with superior hospitality

cancer, good cause, gift basket GOOD CAUSES, WELLNESS

Bring a Smile to a Cancer Patient

Although writing about subjects such as cancer might not seem very positive, this article is all about being positive and inspirational.

green activities, green kids, creativity FAMILY, GREEN EDUCATION, GREEN PARENTING

Fun Green Activities & Crafts for Kids

The world will belong to our kids someday, so it’s essential that we teach them how to properly care for it. There are tons of fun, educational activities you can do with your kids to help them learn about the environment.

Ten simple ways busy moms can go green BUSY MOMS, GREEN LIVING, WELLNESS

Ten Simple Ways Busy Moms Can Go Green

These simple “go green” tips won’t cost a thing–except maybe a little time and effort–but the results are worth it.

respiratory problems, parenting tips BABY & KIDS, GUEST CONTRIBUTOR, WELLNESS

How to Recognize Respiratory Problems in Children

Babies and children may experience a variety of breathing issues. When these problems occur, they must be carefully assessed by parents to ensure that proper medical care is provided when necessary.

healthy baby checklist, healthy toddler BABY & KIDS, CARE

Healthy Baby and Toddler Checklist

Healthy baby and toddler checklist outlines some of the most important issues concerning the early years and provides parents with a useful tool.

energy savings for homeowners CLEAN ENERGY, GREEN LIVING, VIDEOS

Clean Energy: Savings for Homeowners (Part One)

Our video helps demystify home energy savings and shows some ways homeowners can significantly reduce energy consumption and costs.

Whole Wheat Potato Gnocchi with Kale and Red Onions RECIPES, VEGETARIAN

Whole Wheat Potato Gnocchi with Kale and Red Onions

This whole wheat potato gnocchi is a great meatless alternative for dinner parties or a Thanksgiving feast. Whole grain pasta provides plenty of dietary fiber and kale and red onions supply lots of vitamins and minerals.

belVita bisquits, healthy breakfast, healthy snack BUSY MOMS, FAMILY, PRODUCTS

Balance Your Morning With BelVita Breakfast on the Go

As any busy mom, I constantly look for a nutritious snack or breakfast on the go, and belVita biscuits won me over. Find out why.

climate change, climate action, green education GREEN LIVING, GREEN PARENTING

New Year’s Resolution and Climate Action

Why climate action matters and especially at the beginning of this year


Holiday Cookies: Grandma’s Recipe Rocks the House!

A childhood favorite, Grandma’s honey-sweetened holiday cookies have become a new family tradition.

upholstery, natural remedy, stains GREEN LIVING, GUEST BLOGGER

Quick and Effective Ways to Clean Upholstery Naturally

Accidental stains on the upholstery happen. Next time you spill something on the couch, use one of our simple and effective methods.

kids and travel, travelling with toddler FAMILY, GREEN LIVING, GREEN PARENTING

Traveling with Kids on Public Transit

Traveling with kids on public transit can be a real challenge to combine both the need for transportation, and enjoyment of the little one’s experience.

home pests, natural remedy BUSY MOMS, GREEN LIVING, GUEST BLOGGER

Natural Remedies for Disturbing Home Pests

Check out some of the common pests that might be creeping and crawling around your home along with practical ideas and natural remedies how you can go about getting rid of them.