A Plane Powered by Sun


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Solar Impulse, solar powered plane

Photo courtesy of TED

  • A plane powered by sun: Bertrand Piccard, the Swiss psychiatrist-turned-aeronautical-adventurer, recently unveiled a new aircraft for his upcoming fuel-free journey around the world, an aircraft powered only by the sun. This aircraft called Solar Impulse 2 took about twelve years of developing and testing. This strangely-looking air shark has wingspan larger than that of a jumbo jet, it’s equipped with 17,000 built-in solar panels and weighs only about as much as a car. Find out more about Solar Impulse 2 in teh original article.
  • A private green island built from plastic bottles: Over a period of seven years, a former carpenter Richart Sowa, has collected over 150,000 plastic bottles and decided to turn them into his private island near Cancun. First the bottles were attached to old wooden pallets and placed on water surface, where interconnected they laid a foundation to a 82-foot island. Then sand and dirt were placed over the pallets, which sustain trees and other plants life. Mangrove roots grow around the loose mesh weave of the bags containing plastic bottles. A humble home was built on top, using collected rainwater for all utility water needs, solar panels power for electrical needs and poop from a compost toilet is used as a fertilizer for Sowa’s garden.
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