Plants That Purify the Air in Your Home

you can purify the air and still be living green

Chinese Evergreen

The first thing we bought for our new baby’s room was an air purifier, even before we got a crib. Only later we learned that we could have saved a few hundred dollars plus monthly electrical charges if only we knew what our ancestors used for centuries. Many houseplants (list below) will do a great job at air filtration for free (and look great at the same time). What better way to start going green than using plants that purify the air.

Based on NASA research (via Zone 10) the following plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, as all plants do, but they also eliminate significant amounts of benzene, formaldehyde and/or tricholoroethylene from the air.

Top 10 plants that purify the air:

  • Bamboo Palm
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • English Ivy
  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Janet Craig
  • Marginata
  • Mass cane/Corn Plant
  • Mother-in-Law’s Tongue
  • Pot Mum
  • Peace Lily
plants that purify the air means sustainable living

English Ivy

purify the air with plants, the living green with baby way

Peace Lily

using an electic air purifier is not as beatiful as this green air purifier

Gerbera Daisy

Other great air-purifying plants:

  • Warneckii
  • Philodendron
  • Aloe Vera
  • Golden Pothos
  • Rubber plant (Ficus Elastica)
  • Ficus benjamina
  • Boston Fern
sustainable air purification means healthy kids


To prevent babies and young children from eating these plants and causing possible allergic reaction or poisoning, always keep them out of their reach.

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