It’s a Jungle Out There: Green Toys from Giggle


Green Toys from Giggle Jungle Friends Collection

Why choose toys made from organic cotton?

Organic cotton toys for your baby are one of the safest, healthiest and most natural choices, since conventional cotton plants are treated with pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals that contribute to groundwater pollution, contaminate our environment and harm ecosystems. Always check for the label Certified Organic.


Giggle Jungle Friends Collection

Monkeys, lions, hippos, elephants and other animals, jungle friends collection offers not only a nice selection of friendly animal buddies, but also a variety of green toys for newborns up to 2 year old toddlers. From simple rattles, mobiles, finger puppets to play mats and bowling sets; it’s all made from organic cotton, all vibrant colors are natural dyes, and the inside fill is made of antibacterial polyester. Organic cotton is much softer than conventional cotton, therefore it’s also much more gentle for baby’s sensitive skin. And although the price reflects the higher production costs, you are not only making a better choice for your little one, but for our planet as well.

Green Toys from Giggle Playmat

Jungle Play Mat, $80.00

 Green Toys from Giggle monkey rattleMonkey Rattle, $12

Super soft and lovable, this plush monkey is not just a regular rattle toy for newborns; it’s made from organic cotton so your baby can play and sleep with the safest companion you can get him.




 baby crib esentialsJungle Play Mobile, $55

Five adorable jungle friends are the perfect addition for your baby’s crib. As they float playfully in the air above your baby and keep him company,  they also help your little one developing his motor and coordination skills.


Bowling Set, $50

What child doesn’t like a ball? And making his ball play even more fun with this collection of favorite animals turned into bowling pins? Their friendly faces are a perfect target for the plush bowling ball. This set offers for a fun activity for babies (6 months and up) or toddlers together with their parents.

green toys from giggle bowling set

See the Jungle Friends Collection at Giggle.

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