Project “Wind for Prosperity” Brings Clean Energy to the Rural Developing World


Our Thursday green news bring you the latest on green architecture, climate change, energy and communities:Fukishima solar plant, clean energy

  • “Wind for Prosperity” brings turbines to the developing world: Over the next three years, a project called “Wind for Prosperity” plans to bring hybrid wind energy to about a million people in one hundred communities in developing countries. This collaboration of wind turbine manufacturer Vestas and Abu Dhabi renewable-energy company Masdar aims to help the developing world-mainly the rural communities that are completely off the grid-by switching to clean energy, instead of relying on dirty diesel generators.
  • Palm oil and deforestation: Wilmar International, one of the world’s largest agri-businesses, was accused earlier this year by Greenpeace of doing business with companies that deforest areas illegally, set fire to peat land and clear areas known to be inhabited by rare and protected species. Since Wilmar controls forty five percent of the world’s palm oil market, it has continually been pressured to focus on more environmentally and socially sustainable practices. As a result, Wilmar has recently signed a deal with consumer goods giant Unilever to make one hundred percent of the palm oil used in its supply chains fully sustainable by the end of 2014.
  • Japanese act on their nuclear crisis with a new solar mega-plant:  A new seventy megawatt solar power plant, Kagoshima Nanatsujima, has recently started its operation and is intended to supply about 22 thousand homes. Constructed by the electronics giant and solar panel manufacturer Kyocera for $275.5 million, it is now the largest solar plant in Japan and a positive response to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. The plant was built according to the new government incentive called “feed-in” tariffs, which guarantee the price of clean energy going into the existing grid. This elegant incentive is quickly making Japan one of the fastest growing solar markets in the world.
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