Rent a Christmas Tree Instead of Wasting One


Our Monday green news brings you the latest on nutrition, good causes and child education:

Photo courtesy of Terry Wilson II via Flickr

Photo courtesy of Terry Wilson II via Flickr

  • Rent a Christmas tree instead of wasting one: California-based company The Living Christmas Co. offers an alternative to people who don’t like to cut a living tree each each just for the holidays and don’t like artificial trees either. As The New York Times reported few years ago, a fake tree would have to be used over 20 times to be greener than decorating a cut tree each year. This company rents out live trees in big pots, ready to be decked out for the holidays. Their slogan explains it all: “Rent a living tree this Christmas and our elves will deliver a potted Christmas tree to your doorstep. After the holidays, the tree will return to the North Pole where it can continue to grow for future generations!”
  • Unusual ways to boost your immunity: Based on new scientific discoveries, there are other ways to improve our immune systems besides the commonly known ways such as reducing stress, getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising regularly. These unusual ways include some of the following: 1. Don’t cut your umbilical cord right after delivery, instead wait few minutes: According to doctors at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City, waiting just two minutes to cut the umbilical cord, babies can obtain much higher levels of iron, which can reduce issues like infant jaundice and bilirubin; 2. Being social is healthy: Doctors at the University of Nottingham in the UK have discovered that extroversion actually improves our immune system. Those who tended to be open and agreeable in nature had improved functions in their white blood cell count. They also found that while those who head to social events are often far more exposed to regular infections, patients still found themselves less sick because their systems had developed better resistance; 3. Moderate alcohol consumption: According to researchers from the Oregon Health & Science University, study on monkeys who ingested moderate amounts of alcohol proved better immune responses to vaccinations than those who ingested large amounts, or none at all; 4. Take care of your gut: Include plenty of probiotics in our diet to keep your gut flora healthy, and never take an antibiotic for a viral infection; 5. Keep up with your flu shot and other vaccinations: By injecting weakened versions of the disease, our immune system gets a boost. That way if it ever comes across such pathogens, it will have zero issue in destroying them.
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