Power House: Six Tips for a More Sustainable Home


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Sustainability means being environmentally responsible and conserving the resources we have today. It’s not difficult to begin living a sustainable lifestyle at home. You just need a little knowledge to start making changes step by step and transitioning to a greener and healthier living. The following six ideas can help you make the initial steps and also guide you in teaching your children how to make your home more sustainable, therefore helping the earth and your wallet too.

Install Aerators and Low-Flow Fixtures
Water is our most precious resource. Start by installing aerators in all your faucets. Switch to low-flow shower heads and put low-flush mechanisms in your toilets. This will dramatically reduce the amount of water your family uses each year. You will be surprised at the savings as well. If you’re potty training your toddler, make sure they know they only get one flush per bathroom visit. Teaching your kids about water conservation from early on is an essential step for their sustainable future. Get inspired by other simple ideas such as this water-saving toddler bath.

Reduce or Stop Large Appliance Usage
Large appliances like dryers and dishwashers use a significant amount of resources and energy. Never use these appliances unless they are completely filled. Alternately, you can stop using them altogether. Simply wash dishes by hand or dry laundry on a clothesline. It’s very easy to change just a few of your daily routines to make your home more sustainable.

Use Small Task Lights in Each Room

Lighting makes up a noticeable portion of electricity use in an average home. You can be more sustainable by using small task lights in each room instead of multiple overhead lights or large lamps. Teach kids to turn lamps off once they leave a room. Task lights provide illumination and reduce the amount of energy used each day. You can also open up more windows or skylights for natural light that takes the place of light bulbs during the day. Make use of black out curtains in the baby’s room for nap time and you can still use the natural light throughout the day.

Put Solar Panels on the Property
Think about putting solar panels on your property. Whether you install a completely self-sustainable system or just a few panels, the clean energy they generate is a big contribution to a more sustainable home. Companies such as 1800-Solar-USA make panels with AMI Energy that produce little to no emissions and can reduce your dependence on power produced through burning fossil fuels. This might be a bit of money up front, but with the savings you earn, it could be worth looking into. If you are considering going solar, check out these Tips to Consider Before You Go Solar. For more information about solar energy, go here.

Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle Whatever You Can
Reuse boxes and containers instead of buying new ones. Repurpose old items to do new tasks instead of sending them to a landfill. Recycle everything that no longer serves its purpose in your home. Learn where to recycle items like scrap metal or electronics to help live a more sustainable lifestyle. Hand-me-down clothes will work for most big families with lots of kids, or you can think about starting a neighborhood swap to get rid of extra toys and items to make sure nothing is being wasted. And don’t forget to teach your kids about the importance of recycling.

Create a Sustainable Landscape Outside
A sustainable landscape includes drought-resistant plants that are native to your area instead of exotic annuals. Look for trees that will work with your soil type, and plant them in places sheltered from the wind so they don’t end up dying right away. Try growing edible plants to give your family fresh herbs and produce. Additionally, you can start a compost pile to get the most from kitchen scraps and yard waste. Keep your garden organized by season. You can get leafy greens in the spring and reuse that same space for fall fruits like squash and tomatoes. A sustainable landscape will save water, improve air quality, and protect the environment.

Sustainability is about finding ways to cut down on waste and the resources you use. This includes water, power, food, and finite things like oil. If you start making changes today, you’ll be able to have a sustainable home contributing to a better environment as well as raising a more-sustainably conscious family and setting good example for others.

Moms are busy-that’s a given. With these ten simple tips any mom can go green without much effort and without touching the family budget.

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