Six Tips to Transform Your Room into a Nap Time Sanctuary

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As any mom knows, sleep is a precious commodity. Both mom and baby should be able to refuel and recharge. Short daily naps should become a regular part of mom’s schedule while she is adjusting; but even the most tired young one can have trouble getting on a schedule if his napping space doesn’t provide the right ambiance. A serious napping space should be calm and serene.

The following tips address indoor napping since most of us do not live in the tropics, sadly.

Many sleep researchers recommend having a room pitch-black for nighttime sleeping. Any amount of light may disrupt your sleep phases. A daytime nap does not need such strict limits, but keeping the light dim is a real consideration. Turn off all electric lights and lower the daylight for the most effective nap. Curtains, shades and blinds are made for light and privacy control. Use quality materials like black out fabric or wood slatted blinds or find a Sunburst shutters store or shutters in Las Vegas which can be fitted to your windows.

The color of your walls is important for creating a restful habitat. Bright orange is right out. Pastels are usually the way to go for color, but some prefer dark gray or blue in a sleeping place. Neutrals are restful, and allow for a variety of accessories in regard to color. Red walls are supposed to stimulate appetite, so that may not be the best idea for a bedroom. Spas often use sea-green and pale blue which are both reminiscent of natural elements. A soothing waterscape or mountain scene wouldn’t hurt either, and can make a soothing wall decor.

Napping during the day, you may encounter noise or disruption from outside. Other people in the house may also be an issue for you. A nice white-noise machine could alleviate such barriers, and should block out external noises. If gentle waves don’t do it, try soft breezes or even just a loud fan. There are several soothing sounds to choose from in these machines.

A third inducement to sleep is certainly the comfort of the bed, sofa, or daybed you take naps on. Anything uncomfortable can make your naps short and disrupted. A mattress with the right softness or firmness can be a great help. Find out what works best for you. Sometimes the sofa in the living room is the most comfortable sleeping place in the house, but the cross traffic is a real deterrent to sleep. Bed linens, blankets, throws, and pillows should also be on the list of six ideas for a napping room. Soft, cozy, smooth, and snugly are the adjectives to look for in napping materials. On a hot day, a cover may be unnecessary, but if the idea of a cover is helpful, a light cotton sheet might do it.


Who can nap when a bad odor wafts through the room? Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to sooth and relax the mind before sleep. Lavender, chamomile, and some types of sage are lovely aromas that are said to induce sleep. A lecture on quantum physics may do the same, but lavender smells better.


For successful napping you should also be lying down. It sounds obvious, but many might think a little catnap in the armchair counts. When you are lying down, you let the blood circulate more easily throughout the body and take the pressure off, thereby allowing for better rest. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective.

Meditation specialists recommend peace and quiet for clearing the mind and revitalizing energy. A nap can have similar benefits when it’s not overly long. A long nap might cut back on a good night’s sleep, and a too-short nap might leave one groggy. Be like Goldilocks and find the “just right” length of time for a good nap. It depends on the individual, of course, but many sources recommend 20-30 minute naps.

Really, any calm, pleasant decor is suitable for napping, but a specific napping room may be more effective when these ideas are applied. A bonus suggestion would be doing it when you’re alone in the house.

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