Snack Food Waste Recycled into Biogas and Fertilizer


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  • Snack food waste is recycled into biogas and fertilizer: A few years ago, the PepsiCo’s agriculture team in Turkey decided to invest into an anaerobic digestion technology to process organic waste produced on its facility. The digester is fed by a mixture of potato peels, corn kernels and other ingredients used in production of the company’s snack foods. Today, the biogas produced by this anaerobic digestion process covers about 35 percent of all the electricity needed for its two food production plants. Plus, the nutrient-rich “waste” that’s a bi-product of the anaerobic digestion, is now used as an environmentally friendly fertilizer, so nothing goes to waste.
  • New and sustainable office design called “Pop-up office”: The Pop-Up-Office, designed by Toronto-based architecture firm Dubbeldam Architecture, represents a new approach in office design while also being green. Essentially, the office is an installation of modular units that can be combined in various ways, allowing for both individual work and collaboration. It’s designed according to new requirements for office use, such as mobility, adaptability and flexibility. The final result is a workspace that is simultaneously bare bones and tailored to the individual with endless possibilities for individual configurations. The modules are also very easily transported, reconfigurable and rapidly deployed. And since it’s manufactured from reclaimed wood palette boards, the Pop-Up-Office also fulfills current high demands for sustainability.
  • First four countries that forced fast food chain McDonald’s out: The fast food giant McDonald’s now operates its restaurants in 118 countries around the world. However there are already a few countries that managed to get McDonald’s out, each for different reasons. These countries include Iceland, Bolivia, Macedonia and Bermuda.
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