New Solar Building Turns with the Sun, Spray Polyurethane Foam a Health Hazard, Walmart Plans to Remove Toxins from Its Shelves


Our Thursday green news bring you the latest on green architecture, climate change, energy and communities:

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Photo courtesy of architect Paolo Venturella.

  • New building comprised of solar panels will twist and turn to face the sun: A new building designed by Italian architects Paolo Venturella and Angelo Balducci will have its sections bend and stretch towards sun’s current position to obtain the most of its daily sun rays. Their structure called the Twilt Tower is planned to rise on the outskirts of the capital of Rome and its radical design was intended to challenge Rome’s tallest skyscraper, the controversial Eurosky Tower.
  • Spray polyurethane foam can be a health hazard: Although spray foam is promoted as a green building material for its high insulation value increasing energy efficiency, its installation has its dark side too. As its popularity rises and more and more homes and buildings are being insulated with spray foam, there is a growing  concern that the product is made from a number of toxic components. This concern raised by consumer advocates and green builders is based on a increasing number of reports from homeowners around the U.S. with serious health problems resulting either from exposure during installation of spray foam or even from moving into a new home insulated with it.
  • Walmart plans to remove toxins from its shelves: Walmart has recently announced its new chemical policy as well as new goals focused on sustainable beef and crop fertilizers. In its new chemical policy, Walmart is targeting about 10 specific chemicals, and plans to work with its suppliers to increase transparency and reduce risks associated with them. The retail giant also plans to team up with its private-label suppliers and other partners to redesign certain personal care items, cleaners and other products in order to reduce harmful chemicals with safer, benign alternatives.
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