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Our Thursday green news brings you the latest on green architecture, climate change, energy and communities:

portable solar charger, SunJack

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  • Your solar charger on-the-go: SunJack is a new portable 20 Watt solar powered quick-charger and battery pack system. Created by solar entrepreneur and survivalist Harold Tan together with company GigaWatt a affordable off-grid application and emergency mobile source, SunJack will also benefit the rural villages of Papua New Guinea with smoke-free lighting and energy. As Harold Tan explained: “Think of it as being able to get more water out of your faucet faster. The SunJack is able to get more electrons flowing into the battery faster than any solar charger available, which means you get wall-outlet charging speeds in an incredibly portable formfactor.”
  • Ocean health is a major concern: Since oceans cover 71 percent of our planet’s surface, and ocean ecosystems generate at least $21 trillion in economic benefits each year, ocean health is not only an environmental concern but economical as well. Collapsing fisheries,  various sources of ocean pollution, water warming, ocean acidification and many other changes are currently threatening the integrity of marine ecosystems. In order to achieve sustainable solutions for ocean health, all sectors of society including governments and financial institutions must join together and contribute their unique skills and perspectives as well as provide necessary financing to deliver these goals rapidly in effective and practical ways. Existing tools like the Ocean Health Index are already providing scientists with data necessary to propose new actions and interventions for ocean health and evaluate their potential success.
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