Some Common Plastics are not Safe


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  • Some common plastics are not as safe as they claim: A new investigation published by Mother Jones magazine has revealed that chemicals claimed to be safe and replacing BPA (bisphenol-A) may be just as dangerous to our health, if not more. Many plastic products (including baby and child products) that are promoted as “BPA-free” and sold by companies such as Evenflo, Nalgene and Tupperware, contain chemicals that release synthetic estrogen, similarly as BPA. The findings also reveal how the plastics-producing industry uses a “Big Tobacco-style campaigns” to hide  scientific evidence about the actual safety of  products we use every day.
  • Use of fluoride and its safety levels: Fluoride has been a center of many health controversies, resulting in many people choosing to leave it out of their lives, whenever possible. So what are the actual safe levels? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines as safe 4.0 mg/L or 4.0 ppm (2.0 ppm for purely cosmetic effects). However standard levels of fluoride in tap water are about 0.7 to 1.2 mg/L, according to The Department of Health and Human Services, well within the safety range. Even if you drink fluoridated water and use toothpaste containing fluoride, you’re very unlikely to be exposed to an excessive dose. Be aware of the use of fluoride only if you live in an area that has naturally occurring fluoride in excess of 2.0 ppm. Excessive use of fluoride is especially dangerous for children. It has been proven to cause dental fluorosis causing white speckling or pitting on tooth surfaces. See more facts about fluoride safety from CDC.
  • URB-E: the new electric scooter for city dwellers: The inventors of this new “urban vehicle” explored many design possibilities for a cost-effective way to travel,  as well as a much greener approach to commuting. As they explain:Because of increased congestion within most cities worldwide and today’s high cost of vehicle ownership, more and more commuters are utilizing public transportation to commute.” URB-­E is furnished with many useful features such as an integrated luggage rack, a folding mechanism, shock-absorbing seat for a comfortable ride, LED lighting and an integrated universal smartphone for performance monitoring. It also offers an option to become a three-­wheel trike version for more stability in slower moving pedestrian traffic or elderly, or a more aggressive two wheel GP edition for a little more freedom and excitement.
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