Spain Leads in Global Wind Energy


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Photo courtesy of Blue Forest

  • Spain leads in global wind energy production: For the first time in history, one country-Spain-uses wind power as its primary source of electricity, making it the first wind-powered country in the world. Last year, Spain produced 20.9 percent of its electricity from wind, 20.8 percent from nuclear sources, 14.4 percent from hydro, 9.6 percent from combined cycle plants and 3.1 percent from solar. According to the Spanish Wind Energy Association, last year wind power rose 13.2 percent supplying a record 54,478 gigawatt hours or 90 percent of the total electricity to about 15.5 million households.
  • Modern tree house inspired by the golden spiral: Designed and constructed by a British design firm Blue Forest, this tree house built in Spain, was inspired by the golden or Fibonacci spiral common in nature in the form of spiral shells, pine cones and much more. Just like many other tree houses, this one offers a natural hideaway in the woods, while providing comfort and entertainment-inside out.
  • Algae could be the next big power source: New research recently published in the journal of American Chemical Society states that America’s land and water resources could potentially support the growth of enough algae to produce up to 25 billion gallons of algae-based fuel a year, equaling to about one-twelfth of the total annual needs of the United States. Although there has been an ongoing debate about a high water consumption needed for the production of algae-based fuel, this recent report claims that if grown in specific areas where conditions for algae growth are highly favorable, the issue of water consumption will be significantly cut down. In the meantime, scientists continue researching and testing algae’s green energy potential: from buildings entirely run on algae fuel to an algae carbon capture facilities and more.
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