Special Medical Glasses Can Cure Colorblindness, Family Medicine Attracts More US Medical School Students, No Child Benefits for Parents who Don’t Immunize


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special medical glasses

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  • Special medical glasses can cure certain  colorblindness: A type of high-tech eyeglasses invented for special use by doctors can help cure people with red-green colorblindness, or at least the lenses can help viewers distinguish reds and greens more clearly.
  • Family medicine  now attracts more US medical school graduates: According to the residency census conducted annually by the American Academy of Family Physicians the number of US medical school graduates choosing family medicine has been increasing in the past decade.
  • No child benefits for parents who don’t immunize: Australian Prime Minister has announced that parents who choose not to vaccinate their children will no longer receive government benefits for their children. Government wants to boost immunization rates to prevent diseases like whooping cough and measles, and putting others at risk.


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