Sugar in Healthy Snacks, Refreshing Cold Noodle Dishes for Hot Summer Days, How to Raise a Creative Child


Our Monday green news bring you the latest on nutrition, good causes and child education: children and creativity, kids art

  • Sugar in healthy snacks: Big surprises, such as significant amounts of added sugar, can be hidden behind many “healthy snacks”. Some supermarket staples such as dried cranberries, instant cereal or fruit cups can have more added sugar than desired, especially for children. Reading labels should be a must for all parents concerned with their child’s diet.
  • Refreshing cold noodle dishes for hot summer days: Cold Asian noodle dishes such as sesame noodles with cucumber and sweet pepper can be a nice refreshing and nutritious alternative for hot summer days. Check out these five new recipes for cold noodle dishes to get inspired.
  • How to raise a creative child: “Children need at least an hour of fun a day”,  according to Julia Cameron, author of the bestselling book The Artist’s Way. Her highly anticipated new book aims at helping parents foster children’s creativity.
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