Sugary Snacks and Cancer, Disease-Fighting Foods, BPA-Free Plastic Tritan Questioned


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  • Sugary snacks and cancer: Latest research at Aberdeen and Edinburgh using data from the Scottish Colorectal Cancer Study, is the first of its kind to find a positive link between bowel cancer and a diet high in sugary and fatty foods. As more and more people in industrialized countries consume such foods on daily basis, it’s important to suggest that such diet may increase the risk of bowel cancer, although we can’t automatically imply “cause and effect”.
  • Disease-Fighting Foods vs Medicine: The 2013 Institute of Food Technologists has implied that foods created and marketed specifically to prevent and fight diseases are the “new front line.” Large food manufacturing companies will very soon concentrate their efforts on creating foods designed purposely to combat and prevent diseases. Such foods contain natural inhibitors of the inflammation that damages blood vessels and promotes diseases.
  • BPA-Free plastic Tritan questioned for safety: Texas based company Eastman Chemicals has marketed and sold resins called Tritan as a safe alternative to BPA-containing plastics. However, current dispute questions whether these BPA-free resins contains other chemicals that can act like the hormone estrogen, and perhaps cause health problems.
  • Cancer prevention should start in childhood: CDC warns parents about the increasing dangers of cancer, encouraging them to start prevention in early childhood. Such prevention includes sun safety-most skin cancers can be prevented if children are properly protected from ultraviolet (UV) rays from the first exposure, vaccination to prevent cervical cancer, smoke-free environment and more.
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