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When it comes to your health and the health of your children, creating strong eating habits can set them up for a lifetime of nutritional success. Truly, the fuel we put into our bodies is just as important as the playdates we set up, getting fresh air and exercise, and making sure the kids do their homework.

However, when you’re a busy mom on the go, achieving balance can be difficult. It’s hard to juggle work, childcare, and maintaining relationships. What’s a lady (or Daddy) to do?

It’s important to know that not all calories are created equal. Unfortunately, 200 calories worth of potato chips isn’t comparable to 200 calories of nutrient-rich, tasty, antioxidant-packed foods (no matter how often the kids beg for junk food). How do you make smart nutritional choices while budgeting both time and money?

Superfoods might be your answer. Superfoods are convenient, can be found everywhere, and are easy to prepare. I’ve compiled a handy list for you to consult while grocery shopping. Plus, they’re totally delicious. Your kids will dig it!

kids ad kale, superfoodsKale: the veggie your kids need

You might be thinking, “There is no way I’m going to get my 4-year-old to stomach kale!” Well, you might be surprised.

This leafy vegetable is definitely having a moment, and for good reason. Kale actually contains more iron than steak and more vitamin C than an orange! That’s insane, and also comes as great news for vegans!

The health benefits make kale an essential part of any diet. If your kids aren’t a fan of the taste, you put it in a smoothie with fruit and/or greek yogurt. They’ll never even taste it. Or if they’re craving salty food, satisfy their craving with healthy kale chips! Leafy greens don’t have to be boring!

Superfoods, blueberries, healthy kids

Blueberries: a multi-tasker

Blueberries are one of the hardest-working superfoods on the market. A recent study conducted at Harvard links eating blueberries and strawberries to improved heart health.

However, that’s just the beginning! Blueberries also aid in the prevention of memory loss and improve attention span (good news for easily-distracted young ones)! If you have a family history of Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia or find family members have trouble focusing, consider adding these little suckers to your meals!  Further benefits include skin health and cardiovascular health. Blueberries can be thrown into cereal, eaten with yogurt, tossed into salads, and even paired with dessert. Opt for an organic version whenever possible! For more information and recipes, check out 10 Nutritional Facts About Blueberries And Recipes You Must Try from our colleagues down under.

Superfoods, califlower benefitsCauliflower: great for moms to be

If you are expecting, consider giving cauliflower a try. It’s a great option for pregnant women because cauliflower aids in proper fetal development. This is because the vegetable acts as a detoxifying agent, ridding the liver of harmful chemicals.

Healthy Mama, healthy baby! Check out this great oven-roasted cauliflower recipe! It includes olive oil, garlic, and lemon! Yummy!

Cocoa: a guilt-free snack

If the kids are craving sweets, consider this natural alternative. As a known mood booster, cocoa releases endorphins, causing you and the little ones to experience feelings of happiness and contentment! Instead of reaching for a processed cookie or candy bar containing tons of added sugar, keep cocoa stashed in your cupboard for special occasions.

Superfoods, cocoa benefits There you have it. What are your go-to, kid-friendly superfood snacks? Leave your comments in the space below!

See the full kid-friendly infografic here.

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