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Americans Find Parenting More Exhausting than Their Jobs

Also: In Missouri you could get arrested for breastfeeding in court; Using peanut butter to measure risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

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New Malaria Vaccine, Breastfeeding and Alzheimer’s Disease, Most Antibiotics Prescribed Are Too Strong

New Malaria vaccine has been found effective and safe, breastfeeding reduces chances of Alzheimer’s disease, most antibiotics prescribed by American doctors are too strong.

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A New Product Repelling Mosquitoes, Oral Hygiene and Alzheimer’s Disease, How to Raise a Child With ADHD

A new product repelling mosquitoes called Kite Mosquito Patch just announced, recent study finds link between regular oral hygiene and Alzheimer’s disease, how to raise a child with ADHD-testimonial of a real mom

Shark Cartilage Supplements Could Contain Neurotoxin

Shark cartilage, a popular dietary supplement promoted as a cancer fighter and a remedy for joint and bone problems gained worldwide popularity since the 1992 best-selling book Sharks Don’t Get Cancer. But new scientific findings indicate that shark cartilage contains potentially toxic compounds. Read more ➞