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beef production, beef quality

What We Need to Know About Beef Production

If you are a meat-eater and like to savor its taste but also want to get the best nutritional benefits from its consumption, just like with any other produce, you need to know where your meat comes from and how it was produced or rather what was the animal fed and where it lived.

hearing loss, antibiotics

Antibiotics Might Increase Risk of Hearing Loss

Also: Extreme food pickiness in preschoolers linked to mental health problems.

farm-raised salmon

Why to Avoid Farm-Raised Salmon

Also: Quality time with your kids over quantity.

antibiotics, maple syrup, natural remedy

Maple Syrup Can Make Antibiotics More Effective

Also: No link found between MMR vaccine and autism.

antibiotics in food production

California’s Leader Calls for No Antibiotics in Food Production

Also: Detroit could be the next climate refuge center.

antibiotics, resistance to antibiotics

The Facts About an Increasing Resistance to Antibiotics

The latest data on antibiotics resistance threats in the United States outlines facts that are important to be aware as well as ways of prevention.

benefits of breastfeeding

New Malaria Vaccine, Breastfeeding and Alzheimer’s Disease, Most Antibiotics Prescribed Are Too Strong

New Malaria vaccine has been found effective and safe, breastfeeding reduces chances of Alzheimer’s disease, most antibiotics prescribed by American doctors are too strong.

Could Resistance to Antibiotics Be the End of Modern Medicine?

Resistance to antimicrobials is making it harder for our immune systems to fight common infection.