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kids and screen time

Affect of Screen Time on Kids’ Brains

Also: Possible link between Tylenol intake during pregnancy and autism risk.

Hormonal Imbalance During Pregnancy Linked to Autism

Also: ADHD rose 43 percent during the past decade in the United States.

kids and autism

A Creative Workshop for Kids with Autism

Any form of creativity helps kids with autism express themselves and discover new forms of communication. Creating art helps bridge the complicated gaps between “normal” and “different.”

Daily Bath, child bath

Why Your Child Doesn’t Need a Daily Bath

Also: Autism genes linked to higher intelligence.

peanuts, heart health

Autism Isn’t Actually on the Rise

Also: Peanuts and heart health.

autism risk, baby's health, autism news

Innovative Therapy Can Helps Babies with Autism Risk

Also: Kids will consume more veggies after play.

air pollution, autism

Particulate Air Pollution Increases Autism Risk

Also: Blood group O at lowest risk of type 2 diabetes.

educational toys, kids with autism, kids with dissabilities

Educational Toys for Kids with Disabilities

Also: Most California parents support healthy school meals.

watercress, superfoods

The Ten Green Superfoods

Also: Autism diagnosis is on the rise in the U.S.A.

broccoli sprouts, autism

Caesarean Section May Increase Baby’s Risk of Autism

Also: Chemical found in broccoli sprouts may reduce symptoms of autism .

raw peanuts, nut allergy, peanut allergy

Eat Raw Nuts to Prevent Triggering a Nut Allergy

Also: Early intervention could possibly reverse autism.

autism, kids and playgrounds

Little Bit of Oxidants Can Actually Be Healthy

Also: Playgrounds can help autistic kids socialize.

Alcohol consumption, light drinking

Light Drinking is Less Healthy Than Previously Claimed

Also: Some kids manage to beat their Autism.

autism, pesticide exposure

Pesticide Exposure Increases Risk of Autism

Also: Natural remedies for some seasonal allergies.

health news, design innovation

Autism Might Be Connected to Faulty Prenatal Brain Growth

Also: Latest findings about saturated fat and heart disease; New wearable device to monitor human health 24/7.