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green architecture, affordable living

New Greener and Safer Alternative to BPA from Paper-making Waste

Also: A dream mini-home for just $9,000; E-waste brings new business opportunities to the developing world.

green products, green transport

Some Common Plastics are not Safe

Also: Use of fluoride and its safety levels; URB-E: the new electric scooter for city dwellers.

chemicals in products

Unacceptable Levels: A Documentary Film

Do we deserve to know what levels of chemicals around us are safe? This documentary film follows a one man’s quest to find the truth about unsafe chemicals hidden behind pretty product labels and cheerful marketing.

sugar and cancer

Sugary Snacks and Cancer, Disease-Fighting Foods, BPA-Free Plastic Tritan Questioned

Latest research suggests link between sugary snacks and cancer, foods created and marketed specifically to prevent and fight diseases are the “new front line”, BPA-Free plastic Tritan questioned for safety, CDC warns cancer prevention should start in childhood