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Pretend play

Pretend Play: Busy Day at Toddler’s Office

Pretend or imaginative play is an important part of a healthy child’s development and definitely a better choice than passive watching of TV or videos.

Tuneful Tots: The Importance of Music Education for Young Children

Music affects the growth of a child’s mind intellectually, emotionally and physically; music education in early childhood has been shown to lead to success in adult life.

Storytelling Helps Young Minds Grow

Whether you use your hands, props or just your own creativity, storytelling is a great way to bond with your kids and get their imagination going.

eye health, kid's health, eye care

Eye Health for Toddlers And Kids

Healthy eyes play a crucial role in all aspects of a toddler’s development. If the eyes do not receive the care that they need, the impact can be permanent.


Bilingualism: Should Your Child Learn Foreign Languages?

Learning foreign languages is actually beneficial and offers numerous advantages to a child as well as society.

What To Look For as Your Baby Grows

Do you know the “official” milestones that help measure your child’s growth?

healthy snacks for kids, growing child

How to Get Your Growing Child the Nutrients He Needs

The best ways to ensure your growing child is getting the nutrients he needs.

autonomy, child development

Kid’s Autonomy Leads to Higher Cognitive Skills

Children of mothers who are consistently able to support the development of their baby’s sense of autonomy, proved higher cognitive skills.

Kids and Books

Kids and Books: A Winning Combination

Story Hour founder Annie Turri talks about the importance of introducing books and storytelling to children at an early age instead of relying on media and technology to keep them entertained.

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Fast Food Linked to Lower Test Scores in Children

Also: Cancer is predominantly caused by random mutations, not genetics or environment.

Graco stroller recall, baby stroller recall

Graco Recalls Eleven Stroller Models

Also: Disciplining children and time-outs.

women and hearing

Women Eating More Fish Might Save Their Hearing

Also: Sole focus on physical activity could be ruining kids’ playtime.

art of potty training, potty training tips

The Art of Potty Training: Tips from Real Moms

We asked five moms from around the world to share their experiences–and we’ve turned it into some very practical advice..

kids and books

Book ‘Em: Encouraging Your Child to Read

Why kids need to read and how to get them started early.

Contraceptive Pills and Increased Glaucoma Risk

Also: Overuse of acetaminophen during pregnancy could affect baby’s development; Don’t calm your baby with a smartphone.