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kids and animals

Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From Animals

Also: Not all herbal supplements are what they claim to be; Over million American K-12 students are homeless.

importance of regular bedtime, child behavior

Importance of a Regular Bedtime Routine for Children

Also: Children, anxiety, depression and professional help; Make your home a healthier place with simple and regular changes and maintenance.

baby shoes

How Important Are Baby Shoes?

Bones and joints in young feet are very flexible and vulnerable to poor habits and incorrect footwear. Find out how to choose the right shoes for your baby as he grows and starts walking.

handmade toys for kids

DIY: Handmade and Wooden Toys

In today’s complex world, it’s better to keep it simple and as natural as possible when it comes to toys.

Toddler movements

Your Toddler at 18 Months: Developmental Milestones

After his first birthday, your baby is becoming a toddler, learning to walk and be more independent.

tot at two

Toddler at Two Years: Developmental Milestones

Major developmental milestones your child should reach by his second birthday according to the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Sustainable Modern Design, Getting Kids to Exercise, More…

This modern/industrial furniture by Fin Art Co. is creative without being twee, but more importantly, it’s made from salvaged warehouse wood and metal (via Treehugger). read more ➞