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natural remedy for healthy skin, juicing benefits

Juicing For a Healthier Skin, Hair and Nails

Also: Increasing influence of teacher home visits; No more formaldehyde in baby products.

grass-fed butter, butter, the healthiest fats

Grass-Fed Butter Is One of the Healthiest Fats

Also: Traditional discipline vs. restorative justice in schools.

math class, reading and math skills, child education

Children’s Reading and Math Skills Linked to Future Success

Also: US government writes new dietary guidelines for 2015.

fast food , kid's health child education

Fast Food Linked to Lower Test Scores in Children

Also: Cancer is predominantly caused by random mutations, not genetics or environment.

child education, school performance

Mother’s Age Linked to Child’s School Performance

Also: Mission to bring quality child education worldwide.

interactive play, Playground and brain development, child's play

Playtime Improves Child’s Brain Development

Also: Ten cheapest health foods out there.

kids and bees, child education

Teaching Kids about Bees

Also: Kids and vegetables.

synthetic vitamins, vitamin D

Why Teach Girls About Money

Also: The best time for vitamins.

Nutrition of grains, climate change

Grains Are Becoming Less Nutritious

Also: New York kindergarten argues kids need to prepare for college.

mint, natural remedy

Parents Now Prefer Real Natural Food Flavors and Colors

Also: 15 handy household uses for mint; Are standardized school tests really necessary for young children?

kids and gardens, healthy kids

Gardens Are Transforming American Schools

Also: Diet soda is not a good replacement for a regular one when it comes to teeth; Electric school buses are a win-win choice.

food crisis

New Innovative Compostable Material Could Replace Plastic

Also: Science professor will teach out of a dumpster for one year; Climate change poses risk to future food supplies.

food allergies, peanut butter benefits, breast cancer prevention

Is Vegetarian School Menu a Solution to Pink Slime and Child Obesity?

Also: Why girls’ education in Africa matters; Healthy snacks can reduce future risk of breast cancer.

digestive health, best herbs

Best Herbs for Good Digestion, Whole Foods Replaces Mayo with an Egg-Free Alternative, Education Innovations Changing Lives

Best herbs for a good digestive health; Whole Foods replaces Mayo with a more sustainable egg-free alternative; inspiring education innovations changing lives around the world.